Archived Webinar Classes

Jason Fischer teaches classes on orchid culture and care. We offer archived versions of the live Zoom webinars now. Some of these are in standard definition before we updated some of our recording process, but here on out any new classes will be in HD.

Please note these are past live webinars, any mention of a coupon codes are expired/invalid.

Use the PayPal link under the class title for direct payment for classes. You do not need a PayPal account to pay. You will see an option to pay with debit or credit card as an alternative to using Paypal.

Please allow up to 24 hours for Jason to manually send the link with the class to you via your e-mail after you purchase an archived class. We are working to automate this process soon.

PLEASE NOTE! There have been some cases where we do not see the archived orders come in. It is most likely a PayPal communication issue. If you do not receive your link, please contact Jason at

Kokedama Workshop Webinar (Archived)

$10 - Standard Definition


Jason guides you through how to create a Kokedama moss ball with an orchid of your choice. Techniques and growing culture is covered as well. You can go along with the tutorial by purchasing a Kokedama kit from us. We provide the plant and all products required, or you can simply purchase the moss kit to make a Kokedama out of your own plant. There are some Q&As at the end with a little tour of the greenhouse. For this class you will receive 3 links. The Zoom Webinar link and a separate Kokedama tutorial and watering tip video in HD link.

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Order Kokedama Kit w/ Plant (This kit does come with a shorter tutorial if you would prefer, but not the full archived class)

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Introduction to Neofinetia falcata (Archived)

$15 - Standard Definition


Jason introduces Neofinetia falcata through history, culture, repotting techniques, flower & foliage types and much more. A great guide to beginners and even a fun class for those with experience with Neofinetia.

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Repotting Basics (Archived)

$15 - Standard Definition


Jason has been repotting orchids since he was 5 years old, and has a trick or two to teach you! He helps take away the fear of repotting orchids by giving you a strong foundation of how to approach repotting, choosing the right pot and potting medium, and giving you various potting techniques based on the orchid type. 

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Orchid Slab Mounting Workshop (Archived)

$15 - HD


Jason covers various mounting techniques based on the growth habit of the orchid, and goes over culture techniques, as well. Optionally, you can purchase an orchid with the mounting kit to go along if you like, or simply just the cork with accessories separately if you have a plant of your own you’d like to mount. This webinar was recorded in a split screen with new recording software to bypass the low resolution broadcasting with Zoom. It is in 1080P. One screen shows Jason with the orchid he is working on, while the other shows a close up of the slab.

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Order Slab Mounting Kit w/Plant

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Orchid Culture 101 - Learn all about growing orchids (Archived)

$20 - Standard Definition (HD coming soon)




If you're new to orchids, or even if you're experienced and want to improve your culture, this class is for you! Or maybe you've only grown Phalaenopsis and want to venture further! Jason will break down the important components of orchid culture to give you a foundation of understanding their needs. This is a great starter class that will help tie into other classes on specific genera.

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