Welcome to the new OrchidWeb (Re-launched)

Sep 8th 2018

Welcome to the new OrchidWeb (again)!

Some of our customers may know that we originally launched a new website at the end of March, and wanted to gather some feedback before announcing it. For some customers, the experience was smooth and we received encouraging positive feedback, but several people reached out with extremely slow load times (especially on older devices) and problems in the checkout process. 

We appreciate everyone who reached out. After spending some time working with our new platform, we decided to make some major architectural changes and re-launch our new site again. We are happy to announce that the loading issues for older devices should be gone and the cart/checkout process should now be much smoother for everyone.  We apologize for the long delay and appreciate everyone's patience.

Now that we are in a better place with the site, we can't wait to get back to focusing on new videos, products, growing tips and building a better relationship with the orchid community!