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Orchid and Nepenthes Expeditions

Ever wanted to travel to exotic places to explore and see orchids and other beauties in their natural habitat? Here’s your chance!

We are very pleased to announce and promote Orchid and Nepenthes Expeditions, led by naturalist and conservationist Stewart McPherson, founder of Redfern Natural History Productions in Dorset, England.  Fascinated with wildlife, Stewart has traveled the world, visiting remote wildernesses to understand and inspire protection and preservation.  Stewart has also written several books and filmed documentaries on carnivorous plants.  

Take a look below at the expeditions planned for year 2016.   If you are interested in any of these trips, please contact Orchids Limited, either via email, or phone toll-free 1-800-669-6006 or local 763-559-6425.  We will pass on your name and contact info to Stewart McPherson at Redfern and he will send you additional details. 

Please note: Dates are flexible; once a group is organized, Redfern discusses dates with all participants.


Dates: Sunday March 27 – Monday April 11, 2016
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Watch a demo video of the Borneo Orchid Expedition:

The island of Borneo is one of the world’s great centres for orchid diversity. Concentrated on Borneo, there are at least 1,700 species of orchids, many of which are found no where else on earth.

This expedition focuses on visiting four locations to explore Borneo’s amazing diversity of orchids; the Bako National Park (home to lowland heathforest orchids), Mount Kinabalu (for highland and ultrahighland orchids), Mulu National Park & Mount Api (for lowland rainforest, limestone growing and highland orchids) and Mount Trus Madi (for spectacular mossy cloud forests dripping with highland orchids). Although orchids are central to this expedition, the itinerary is balanced with many of Borneo’s other wildlife highlights, including a plethora of carnivorous pitcher plants, proboscis monkeys, vast caves, canoe trips through lowland rainforest and, with luck, open Rafflesia and Amorphophallus blooms.

Click here to see an overview with more information and photos.



Dates: Sunday March 27 – Sunday April 10, 2016
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This 16 day expedition begins in Makassar, South Sulawesi. We drive north to the Tana Toraja Highlands to explore amazing, bull-horn-shaped tongkonan houses, and ancient cliffside burial sites, as well as amazing stands of rainforest home to unique orchids and bird life. We go in search of rare Paphiopedilum slipper orchids and the remarkable Nepenthes pitcher plants, which produce pretty pitchers that attract, trap and digest insects. Near Lake Poso, we visit diminutive 3000 year old stone megaliths said to resemble the famous Easter Island statues. We visit one of Sulawesi’s best birdlife trails, home to nightjars, sparrowhawks, and bee eaters, as well as the rare pitcher plants. We then travel to the Tangkoko Nature Reserve to photograph black crested macaques, amazing spectral tarsiers — the world’s smallest primate — as well as hornbills and, with luck, cuscus and winged lizards.

Click here to see an overview with more information and photos.



Dates: Friday April 22 – Friday May 6, 2016
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This 15 day expedition begins in Manila, Philippines. We travel to the coastal port of Batangas to catch an overnight ferry to the remote island of Sibuyan, in the middle of the Philippine Archipelago. Here, we climb soaring Mount Guiting Guiting, whose incredible profile and famous Knife Edge Ridge must be seen to be truly appreciated. Here, amongst electric blue earth worms and metallic phasmids, we encounter countless orchids including two species of rare Paphiopedilum orchids, and the endemic pitcher plants, Nepenthes argentii and N. sibuyanensis. Our return to the mainland sees us transfer to Mindanao, where we make an ascent of a rarely climbed mountain above Compostela Valley in search of epiphytic orchids and giant pitcher plants in a mossy forest of giant trees. Finally, we travel to beautiful Palawan, where Mount Shumkat awaits us, offering Bulbophyllum and Dendrobium, as well as endemic vireya Rhododendron and terrestrial Cryptostylis orchids. This expedition offers excellent opportunities to photograph orchids, pitcher plants, birds and insects alike.

Click here to see an overview with more information and photos.


Dates: Sunday June 26 – Monday July 11, 2016

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New Guinea harbours some of the last large tracts of pristine rainforest on Earth, and its extensive forests and rich tribal history are a wonder to behold. This expedition explores a range of different habitats in West Papua in search of the region’s many orchids and associated flora, offering an intimate insight into this alluring island’s rich natural and cultural heritage. This expedition focuses on orchids, but also offers excellent opportunities to photograph pitcher plants, birdlife, mammals and insects, as well as some of the most spectacular scenery in Southeast Asia. Visits will also be made to traditional villages, allowing you to interact with the locals and develop an understanding of their culture.

Click here to see an overview with more information and photos.

About Redfern Expeditions

Redfern organizes a range of expeditions that offer passionate naturalists the opportunity to travel the globe, from Antarctica to Venezuela to Borneo. Many of the expeditions that they organize are focused on the very subjects covered by the books that they publish, often led by the world’s leading experts and authorities. Others handle unrelated subjects. Each expedition centers on an unusual destination, wildlife subject and experience, often in a unique way not offered by any other company. All Redfern Expeditions are specially designed to incorporate as wide a range of wildlife and cultural subjects and experiences as possible, and as such, the tours appeal to nature lovers from all backgrounds.

Redfern Expeditions are not sensationalist adventure tours, but carefully crafted nature-orientated journeys that explore the beauty of the natural world. All expeditions are planned to be ethical, sustainable and respectful of wildlife, local people and local cultures. Many of their past expeditions have directly contributed to scientific understanding by revealing new information about wildlife and even the discovery of many new species (particularly orchids and carnivorous plants).