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Dendrophylax lindenii - 'The Ghost Orchid'

Dendrophylax lindenii - 'The Ghost Orchid'<span class="cross"></span>
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Green, White
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CITES approved for export!

CITES export Appendix II Species

Base Price


Root Span

Bare Root 13-15 cm - NOT In-Spike ($125.00)
Cork Mounted 10-12 cm - NOT In-Spike ($110.00)
Bare Root 10-12 cm - NOT In-Spike ($100.00)
Cork Mounted 5-6 cm - NOT In-Spike ($85.00)
Bare Root 5-6 cm - NOT In-Spike ($75.00)
Cork Mounted 3-4 cm - NOT In-Spike ($60.00)
Bare Root 3-4cm - NOT In-Spike ($50.00)
Cork Mounted 13-15 cm - NOT In-Spike (SOLD OUT)

The famous ghost orchid from Florida. We are offering seedlings of this unique leafless orchid. Plants are sold by the sum measurement of all roots (a measurement of each root of the plant added together) and have a minimum of two - three roots.  All plants will be shipped in a ziplock bag or an envelope with live spanish moss (USA only) to protect them and provide humidity.  The second photo above shows plants representative of the different sizes available for sale when listed - not the exact plants you will receive. These plants often sell out very quickly. 

Please be advised!! These plants are slow growing, and are difficult to grow! Not for beginners and really not suitable as gift plants unless you are sure the recipient is capable of growing this plant. These plants need pure water like rain, distilled or reverse osmosis. High humidity is a must. Please note: We cannot guarantee these plants as once they leave our care we have no control over temperatures and/or how they are being grown, watered, fertilized, etc. We do guarantee that they will arrive in good condition. This particular batch is some of the best growing we have ever seen and we only had a few customers who had problems with these (same batch) in 2016. 


Culture recommendations:

There is an excellent article written by Keith Davis for the American Orchid Society about his experience with growing ghost orchids. We highly recommend reading this article; click here.

From our experience, these plants need good humidity and daily watering to survive. We have better luck out of flask growing them bareroot resting on top of coconut fiber on a heavily perforated tray. Once established, you can mount them on slabs. Studies have shown that hickory bark or Florida buttonwood (this is the tree this species grows on in nature) is one of the best materials you can use. In addition, Spanish moss (Tillandsia usenoides) should also be draped over the root system. About 30 to 40 percent of the root system should be covered with the Spanish moss.

Cork is a tricky material to use. Fresh cork is somewhat water repellent and should be pre-soaked at least 24 hours under water before the plants are mounted. There should also be Spanish moss draped over the roots when mounted on cork (we include the moss when ordered on cork).

These plants like to be misted daily and like bright light from an east, south or west window. Application of orchid fertilizer is recommended but should be done at a very low dosage. 1/4 strength of the recommended dosage will work. We recommend light fertilizing each time you water if possible, though occasional pure water is OK too.


We produce these as fast as we can. Prices often vary based on availability. When we are low in stock, they are higher. If we have an abundance, we try to be more reasonable. They are hard to find and high in demand.




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An orchid plant may arrive in bud, in bloom or in various stages of in-spike development. A plant in-spike can take anywhere from 1 week to 2 months before flowers begin to open. We are one of the few nurseries to ship orchids in spike or bloom. Most of the time our carefully wrapped orchids in-spike or in-bloom arrive in good condition. However, due to conditions beyond our control, we cannot guarantee that all flower spikes, flowers, or buds will arrive in perfect condition.

An orchid will arrive while it is not currently spiking or blooming due to being either before or after its bloom season. Check the "Bloom Season" information on the product page to see when the plant is expected to spike and flower. Many orchid lovers and hobbyists prefer plants that are not in-spike in order to watch the first stages of the spike emerging all the way through to the reward of the bloom! If you are sending a plant as a gift, you generally want to send the plant in-spike unless the gift receiver would prefer otherwise.