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Shipping and Packing Information

Proper orchid packing and shippingShipping Orchids Correctly Requires Special Care

Everything from rough handling to extreme temperatures can damage orchids in transit. Some nurseries rush through packing and shipping, which can lead to a disaster for the plants.

At Orchids Limited, we take special care in packing your orchid and supply shipments correctly!

Stakes, Padding And Insulation Protect Your Orchids From Harsh Shipping Conditions

We properly stake the plant and protect both leaves and flower spikes should the plant we send you be in spike. We use shredded wax paper and/or tissue or cotton-like padding to prevent injury.

We carefully wrap the plant in newspaper and if the weather is either too cold or hot we will insulate your plants by lining the box with styrofoam planks, and or microfoam wrapped around the newspaper.

We also fill the voids of the box with styrofoam peanuts for additional cushioning and insulating value. In cold weather we will include non toxic chemical heat packs to keep your orchids warm for up to two days.

Every Orchid Is Packed With Great Care

Orchids Limited takes pride in packing your plants and supplies. We spend more time packing than most nurseries because our goal is your satisfaction (not just selling plants), and we take every care possible to see that your orchids and supplies arrive safely.

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You Can Feel Confident Ordering From Orchids Limited

We know you will be pleased with how your orchids and supplies arrive. Search our catalog or Browse our catalog to find the perfect orchids and supplies, knowing that they will arrive in excellent condition.