International Orders


***PLEASE NOTE: At this time, we are not shipping plants internationally.  (re: Supplies - We ship books only.)***


Thank you for your interest in OrchidWeb from around the world! If you are a non-United States customer, please complete our international customer survey. We use the information gathered to plan future Group Exports.

Group Exports: We collect multiple orders from a single country for a limited time and export them all under a shared permit. Group Exports typically require a minimum order of $200. Additional shipping and permitting fees apply. Only plants noted "CITES-approved for export" are eligible for international orders.

On-Demand Individual Exports: We offer year-round exporting to a single foreign address on orders over $5000 USD. This high order minimum is due to the labor involved with export processing and preparation. Additional shipping and permitting fees apply. Only plants noted "CITES-approved for export" are eligible for international orders.

International shipments of orchid plants require CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) permits and phytosanitary certificates. Not all plants are CITES-approved; please select only from those plants that we have designated 'CITES-Approved for Export'. You may be required by your country to obtain a CITES import permit.

We cannot guarantee that plants will arrive In-Spike due to the lengthy process of fulfilling international orders.