International Orders

We ship internationally to most countries.  International shipments of orchid plants require CITES (Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species) permits and phytosanitary certificates. Please note that not all plants we offer are CITES-approved; please select only from those plants that we have designated 'CITES-Approved for Export'.  You may view our 'CITES-Approved for Export' plants by clicking here.  You also may be required by your country to obtain a CITES import permit.

Due to the time involved with document processing and preparations for export, we require a minimum plant order of $5000 plus permit fees and shipping/handling charges. The lengthy process of fulfilling international orders means that we cannot guarantee that plants will arrive In-Spike when shipped internationally.

The $5000 minimum applies to plants to be shipped to a single foreign address. To order less than the $5000 minimum, you would need to be part of a large group order, where the minimum per individual is lower. In some cases, it can be as low as $100, in others, $300, depending upon country. By consolidating plant orders from several customers, we combine these into one large group order under one permit. A few times a year, Orchids Limited travels to the EU and Canada, to take these large group orders. From within the foreign country, we then ship the orders to several customers’ addresses.  Customers may also pick up their orders at an orchid show or society meeting.

We do add handling fees; percentage rates vary by total amount of order. We send email notices with detailed information about future trips. If you would like to be on this mailing list, please send us your request to

You can read more details in our Terms and Conditions section.

For more information regarding International Shipments, please contact us at