The genus Bulbophyllum (now including the re-classified genus Cirrhopetalum) is the largest of the orchid genera, representing hundreds of species spread across Africa, Asia, and South America. This genus contains many of the weirdest and most wonderful flower forms - from furry, bobbing lips to large fleshy cones. Many Bulbophyllum flowers have fishy, or meaty odors to attract their pollinators, though some species are known to have more pleasant, sweet fragrances. Bulbophyllums are sympodial orchids, and grow in a rambling, or matting fashion. Depending on how long their rhizomes are, Bulbophyllums will grow well in pots, but the species with longer rhizomes are often best accommodated by mounting so they have room to spread. The majority of Bulbophyllum species are compact, or miniature-sized. While culture varies greatly for this very diverse and exciting group of orchids, most common Bulbophyllums are typically intermediate/warm growers that appreciate high humidity and light shade.