Paphiopedilums, often referred to as “Paphs” by orchid growers, are a genus of slipper orchids of the Asian tropics, found from India to China and Southeast Asia, south to New Guinea and the many islands which surround it. The genus Paphiopedilum consists of 60 species, and they vary in appearance quite dramatically not only from the rest of the orchids, but also from one another, barring that they are all striking in appearance, each with a pouch-shaped lip. The flowers of Paphiopedilum species are regarded as among the most exotic, sublimely otherworldly, and at the same time, refined of orchid flowers. The colors, patterns, and architecture of the petals, dorsal sepals, and pouch-shaped lips offer a wide range of structures for variety across the species. Diversity within the genus is incredible: charismatic species like Paph. micranthum, with its round, mouse ear-like petals and enormous round, pink pouch belongs to the same genus as Paphiopedilum sanderianum, a beguiling species endemic to Borneo whose twisting petals dangle three feet below the rest of the flower! Paphiopedilums are terrestrial orchids, and prefer to remain moist, but not soggy at the roots, and generally require low to intermediate light conditions.