Phragmipediums are Neotropical slipper orchids found in Central and South America. The genus consists of 22 species, found from Mexico to Brazil. Phragmipediums are terrestrial, or lithophytic (rock-growing) orchids that generally prefer intermediate to warm temperatures and intermediate light levels, but require constant hydration and pure water low in dissolved salts. Phragmipedium includes species as different from each other as the glowing red Phrag. Besseae, the relatively recent discovery of the massive species, Phrag. Kovachii, and striking long-petaled species like Phragmipedium caudatum, whose petals can dangle two feet or more below the rest of the flower. Numerous Phragmipedium hybrids have been made, including our own, a particularly fine example of which is our Phrag. Jason Fischer, registered in 1996.