Here are a few recent testimonials from the hundreds we have received in our 40 years of selling fine orchids to customers all over the world. In reading some of these testimonials, you will probably notice three key traits that set Orchids Limited apart:

  • Truly incredible orchids
  • Superb packaging and shipping
  • Excellent customer service


"You guys should be proud of how wonderful your plants are.  I know I am going to get a quality, healthy plant from you every time.  You can see from my ordering history that I have quite a collection going and I sing your praises to everyone that comes to see my plant room. Keep up the good work and thank you again for being the great people that you are.

Patricia D.
Harrisburg, PA 


"Hi! I received my V. Robert's Delight 2000 yesterday afternoon. It was awesome! The package is one of the best I ever saw - neat and well packed. The leaves and roots are robust and healthy. It was unbelievable - the moment I opened the package, I felt that I hit the jackpot. I was so pleased and happy with my order. Thanks a lot and have a nice day to you!" 

Joselito T.
Apopka, FL 


"Hi, just wanted to thank you for all of the nice orchids you have been sending to my mother each time I order. She is so excited each time she finds out there is an orchid box waiting for her at the post office. She recently got hit in the neck with a chair that someone swung, and is not feeling well. Am hoping the latest orchid I am sending will cheer her. 

Just to let you know that it is very difficult to find orchid suppliers that even offer an 'In spike/Bloom' list, and the few that I have found do not nearly have the quality of plants that you do. Thanks again"

Joyce S.
Montclair, CA 


"I recieved the plants today and they arrived in great shape. I have to tell you, I ordered a couple Phrag Caudatum seedlings from you in 2000, and they are just about to bloom. They have been some of the healthiest plants that I have recieved through the mail.  I have had the priviledge to visit your facilities, and can tell you that you have the most impressive collection that I have seen since my relocation from California (in fact, you supercede all that I have seen). While I have lived here, I have turned alot of Minnesotan’s onto orchids via your nursery, and while they may not purchase much, I know they provide alot of foot traffic and spread the word. You guys do a stellar job."

Charles L.
Duluth, MN 


"I have to tell all of you at Orchids Limited that you have the greatest selection of orchids I have seen with price ranges that should work for various people. I have ordered from you various times and have never been disappointed with the plants or the meticulous packaging. The care and attention you give to the plants and the packaging sets you above other greenhouses. I don't hesitate to order plants from you that I intend to give as gifts because I know they will be nice, healthy plants and will arrive safely. I have ordered plants (not orchids though) from other places and have been very upset with the sad condition of the plants and the nasty hitchhikers that came with them. I wish they could learn from your example!"

Heather S.
Lewiston, ID 


"I just want to write and tell you that I received my order yesterday and was extremely impressed. I didn’t know what to expect given that it was coming via Fed Ex. The plant was absolutely beautiful, it’s larger and has more flowers than I ever expected. It also arrived in perfect condition, not a single flower was lost. 

I’m a beginner to the orchid world but plan to acquire additional plants as I gain more knowledge, you have earned a new customer and I plan to purchase more items through your greenhouse with total confidence. We have friends in the Minneapolis area and plan to stop by your facility next time we’re in the area. Thank You"

Heather G.
Milwaukee, WI 


"My order of a Cycnoches and a Mormodes arrived in perfect condition yesterday. The plants look great (with flowers coming too!!) and the packing was the best I have ever seen. You can expect to have more orders from me in the future. Thanks!"

Bob D.
Moscow, ID 


"I received the schilleriana purpurea (4n) today in great shape. You were absolutely correct when you said that you believed I would be pleased with the plants. Exquisite! is the first word that came to mind. Very nice plants and a super packing job! Thanks a lot for suggesting them. I look forward to seeing them bloom. Take care"

Richard G.
League City, TX 


"Dear Orchids Limited,

Thank you so very much for the fastidious care and packaging you gave my orchid order. I have NEVER seen such care given to packaging my orchids ordered through the mail. My orchids arrived in excellent condition...I must commend you, nevertheless, for your attention to details and care, especially, too, because you sent me two orchids in sheaths --- something that I have seldom experienced before, with all the mail order orchid nurseries I do business on a monthly basis for the past ten years. 

I will definitely order from you again. Simply put, you’ve 'made my day."


Rita B.
Homestead, FL 


"The Opsistylis arrived this morning. What a beauty it is! The flowers are magnificent, but I am most impressed by the quality of the plant and the obvious care with which it was grown. The packaging, as well, was superb. Thank you."

Eileen W.
Moorestown, NJ 


"Hi there, I just wanted to write and thank you for the great service and beautiful plants that I received today. This was my first order from your company and I am very pleased with everything, especially your on-line catalog and information. 

I have told my various orchid-growing friends about you, so you will probably get some more orders from the Boston area soon! Again, thanks very much for a great product."

Tom L.
Danvers, MA 


"Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived last week. The plants are beautiful, very healthy, packaged carefully, and the supplies are better than I expected. I will definitely place more orders from you on-line catalog."

Best regards,

Dyann B.
Walnut Creek, CA 


"I just wanted you to know how happy I was with my order. My plant arrived very quickly and in great condition! I was very impressed that you were able to keep the bud intact because of how big it was! Excellent packing job! Now I am eagerly awaiting its opening :-) I will definitely buy from you again in the future and will recommend you to anyone I know that is into orchids. Once again thank you!!!"

Denise L.
Toledo, OR 


"Dear Yoko, 
Mom received the orchid and is thrilled! It was the hit of the assisted living facility. Everyone insisted on helping her open the box and seeing what was inside. When they saw it they could not believe there was such a beautiful plant. 

Then everyone had advice on how to care for it. Mom was very pleased that there was advice included so that she could inform everyone on the “proper” care. It led to quite a discussion, even the staff was all included. They then talked about who had sent it and tried to figure out how we did it from here. 

All in all it was wonderful from the beautiful plant, to the attention for Mom and for all the residents to have a part in the activity. Thanks so much!! Happy mothers day to you too. All the best."

Jane and Phil M.
Formerly of Minnesota, now in Israel 


"The FedEx shipment arrived Friday in excellent condition. Except for a minor scrape on the lowii spike, the buds are in fine shape too. Considering the weather, personnel shortage and their associated impact on the work load, I sincerely appreciate your expediting my order per my request. 

Thank you and everyone involved for all your friendly and professional assistance. And last but not least - I have never seen such superb packing and the plants are beautiful! Best Wishes and Good Growing"

Stephen W.
Philadelphia, PA 


"To the folks at OrchidWeb,

Received the orchids today in perfect condition. Your method of packaging is meticulous.  The beautiful Miltonia in spike was an unexpected bonus. As always, it's a pleasure to buy from you. Thanks so much."

Susan D.
Hixson, TN 



"Got em'. Nice plants. Thank you. Your right, you have perfected packing. A++ I'm eyeballing those Phal. violacea (Sumatran) forms next. Both clones. So don't sell out! O, did I say nice plants, thank you. Mark."

Mark E.
Melbouren, FL 


"Good morning, from sunny Arizona. Just a quick note to thank you for your great customer service, your superb packing, and your beautiful plants. Every bud was intact, and love the Neofinetias. Beautifully potted. Am very pleased, and will most certainly be ordering from you again....... Ellen."

Scottsdale, AZ 


"I just want to thank you all for handling the situation with my orchids so professionally. I worked in customer service for 2 years handling over 90 calls a day, trying to make everyone happy is a real hassle and I have got to say you did a great job. I will definitely recommend your orchid establishment to my friends that grow orchids as well as anyone who asks where a good place to buy orchids.
Thank you"

Jennifer R.
Cheyenne, WY 


"I was looking at a website for people who love orchids, in the discussion forum someone suggested your website. It was just wonderful. I am so impressed in your vast knowledge of your orchids and the pictures are wonderful. I plan to go to your site often. 

If you have a catalog that has pictures of what you have I would love to receive one. Also, because this was a link I did not get the actual website address. Would you please let me know what exactly is the correct address. Thank you so much for making my day."

Carol B.
San Mateo, CA 


"I just received my 2 new phrags and want to tell you that in spite of being in the middle of an ice storm they arrived in pristine condition, flowers and buds intact.. I have no local supply for orchids and have had to order on line and I have never received my plants wrapped so carefully and in such good condition. Thank you for taking such good care of your products and protecting my investment so well."

Dolores G.
Duluth, MN 


"The plants in the latest shipment were outstanding. Also, thanks very much for the two gift plants. You guys sure run a great operation. The plants are always well grown, larger than expected, wrapped and packed perfect, and you always take the time to discuss my orders. I really appreciate being a customer since you treat your customers so well."

John W.
Bloomfield Hills, MI 


"Good Morning, I received the Phal I ordered from you yesterday and wanted to let you know that its the most beautiful and healthiest orchid I have ever seen!"

Leroy B.
Milwaukee, WI 


"Dear Jerry,

Thank you for the replacement plants. They are very nice. They arrived in wonderful condition and will make fine additions to my collection. Your willingness to provide such excellent customer service was very professional and very admirable. Thanks again."

Sharon W.
Edgewood, MD 


"Once again VERY pleased with your service...Ordered My Mothers Orchid last minute and she got it before the holiday!! I could not believe it got there!!!!! I thank you again!"

Robert S.
Martinez, CA 


"Hi Jerry,
When you said you were going to send me big plants, I did not really pay attention. These plants are far beyond my expectations. However, I would like to let you know that I really really appreciate your five star plants and customer service. I could not believe the owner, you, talked to me on the phone very kindly and acted so promptly like that. I am your customer forever as far as I still buy orchids. You have to believe me I have been shopping for orchid plants from quite a few nurseries for four years, no one ever treated me like this. I am hooked to your QUALITY of plants and services sir and I would like to let you to know that. 

And if any questions about your company came up on an orchid forum or wherever, I will for sure take the opportunity to let them know about you, your plants and your customer service. I certainly will buy from you again. I notice one of so many good things about your plants, you do not mislead people from the pot size. The first phal.violacea that I got from you is in a small 3-5" pot size or something but that plant would have been in to 4" pot for other nurseries whom I used to buy from. Did I make any sense, I mean a few nurseries disappointed people with pot size, you know?. For me it is worth the money to buy plants from you. 

Thank you so much. Until next order :)"

Jai M.
Grand Junction, CO


"..... I am most pleased with the two plants I bought - now they are a foot tall. Your customer service is outstanding and I will highly recommend Orchids Limited!
I appreciate your caring and assistance,"

Diane T.
Mazeppa, MN


"I just wanted to compliment you on a nicely done site. The search engine is a wonderful bonus- especially by growing conditions. Lots of pictures is great, too-as a novice, I find it hard to visualize a flower by a vague description and list of the parents. I have bypassed quite a few websites for that very reason- no pictures, no order. Look for my order in October (if not before)- Dtps. Kenneth Schubert ‘Blue Ribbon’. Good job!"

Megan W.
Newport Beach, CA 


"Just wanted to let you guys know the plants arrived today in excellent condition. They are just beautiful. I know you sell to a lot of folks, but the quality of the plants you shipped to me makes me feel like a special, favored client. Thank you again for talking with me and finding such good plants to send. Regards."



"Dear Sirs and/or Ladies:

Today I received the orchid I ordered from you. the plant is fine. I have recently purchased two other orchids from two different nurseries. Both of these plants were shipped second day air the same as the way you sent your plant. These two plants also arrived safely. 

The purpose of this email is to tell you that the way you pack your plant is by far the best I have seen so far. The winter here has been mild this year. If it wasn’t I can’t be sure the other two plants would have arrived safely, but I am sure because of the way you package your plants that your plant would have arrived in good condition. 

Thank you. I will recommend you to anyone who asks me about an orchid nursery."

Yours truly,

Bud B.
Wilmington, NC 


"Just wanted you to know that my father received his orchids today. He was very impressed on how well they were wrapped for shipping and what nice plants they were. He was very pleased and looks forward to doing business with you again.

Thank you!"

Vanessa E.
Jupiter, FL 


"Dear Jerry,
Yesterday, I received my orchid order and I am so pleased! The orchids were packed with the utmost of care and they are beautiful.....

What a nice surprise it was to find the Catt. also has a bud!! I did not expect that!
I told my friend, who started me on my orchid adventure last year, about your company and she wants to see your catalog. I'm sure she will be as impressed as I am. Thank you."

Linda F.
Oldsmar, FL 


"The Rhyncostylis gigantea "peach" just arrived. The plant is lovely - and well grown. Thanks again for sending such a nice plant. Oh, and your packaging was outstanding. So pleased that I found your site."


Eileen W.
Moorestown, NJ 


"I always enjoy ordering from Orchidweb. You all have been most helpful to me in the past. Your orchids are of excellent quality.  I look forward to purchasing more orchids in the future.  I really do enjoy receiving your monthly email regarding what is currently in spike or in bloom, and the information and videos about the plants are very helpful."

Marion C. 
Memphis, TN


Thank you for reviewing this selection of testimonials. We know you will be just as delighted when your orchids arrive, and would love to hear from you